Hart of the Wud is the debut release from Littlshyningman, the solo alias of London-based composer/producer/musician Chris Haworth.

The release is joined in theme by its recurring reference to Russell Hoban's 'Riddley Walker', in which the 'littlshyningman' features as a character. Where the book imagines a language and folk culture of the past that is 'resurrected' in the future, the music on 'Hart of the Wud' shares similar concerns, merging influences from progressive rock, medieval folk music,free jazz, noise, early electronic and tape music, 70s popular music, post/kraut/math/space-rock with an electronica/hip hop production technique. Chris's guitar playing provides a starting point for much of his work, such as the track 'Knocturnell', which is composed entirely from electric guitar sounds, processed and arranged into patterns that leave the source instrument barely recognisable. Samples crop up when guitars and 'affordable' instruments aren't enough, such as in the title track - featuring a harp as the lead instrument - or 'Battry Runnd Pianoforte', which comes dangerously close to world music as Japanese wood percussion appears out of nowhere halfway into the track.

The success of 'Hart of the Wud' success comes in both the apparent complexity and simplicity of each track, all displaying an immaculate knowledge of cross-genre rhythmic and melodic exploration. The result is truly beautiful.