GRANUFUNK is German born Jacob Grain who, after almost a decade of musical exploration, has mastered a finely tuned original sound and released his eponymous debut. Given his history in techno and gabba music, GRANUFUNK continually experiments, forever adopting new recording styles and production techniques. With contributing musician Sonni Plankton, responsible for the wistful English lyrics and guest vocals, GRANUFUNK has made an entrancing first album.

As an album 'GRANUFUNK' magnetically thrives on opposites; embracing both the urban and organic. The eerie minimalism underlying each song is masterfully juxtaposed against the agitated rhythms and glitchy beats inherent in each track. While the seamless continuity lies in its stargazing melancholia and curious wisdom, 'GRANUFUNK' surprises at every opportunity. By employing the yin and yang of discordant grinding beats, whispering lyrics, delicate programming, booming baselines, and spine-tingling melodies, he creates a fairytale: both innocent and sinister.

Through this mixture of harsh scarred brokenbeat and earthy jazz 'GRANUFUNK' is an album of rich, poignant material, with a potent, lingering after effect. 'GRANUFUNK' isn’t an album, it’s an experience.