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By Various

Sonic360 Compilation By Various

A pick of the best songs from Sonic360's latest releases. All for £7.99 and only available at

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Head + Arm

Chabz and Krizo

Bloated with chunky beats, nauseous with gut churning sub-bass and lacerated with scratched rhythms, this double release is a unique coupling of two prolific musicians who have created their unique style of Transylvanian leftfield hip hop, putting Hungary on the musical map.

United by creative collective the Realistic Crew, Chabz and Krizo have released this double E.P. of their independent recordings. Originally separated by the rolling plains of Hungary, both Chabz and Krizo began their musical careers in alternative rock bands, before making the transition to electronica at about the same time. Joined by their twisted stylistics, it was perhaps unavoidable that these star-crossed musicians would finally meet to work together.

They have also recently written the soundtrack for the hungarian film Black Brush (Fekete Kefe), directed by Roland Vranik and have plans to do more sountracks in the coming year. 
more info here:

Latest news: Black Brush is one of the films selected for the Rotterdam International Film Festival in January 2006!

Check out to hear Krizo and Chabz from the realistic crew and other good hungarian djs rinsing it!


By Chabz and Krizo

Head + Arm


Colombian born Gregorio Gómez, a.k.a GLADKAZUKA has embarked on his first solo project away from his two-piece band Panorama. After releasing his limited edition first single 'Panameña' through indie label GrabacionesTrinidad exclusively on the suitably retro cassette tape format, Sonic360 snapped up further recordings for future 'download only' release. The result is the fantastic E.P. 'PANAMEÑA', a recording of extraordinary magnitude. The four track E.P. is both a commentary on the past and a glance into the future of nouveau electro-pop music.

With blunt guitars, thumping drum machines and choppy synth textures, 'PANAMEÑA' is retro-tronica at its best. Keeping a slick eighties edge, GLADKAZUKA takes the smuttiest edge of dirty disco, and mixes it with the simplest of infectious rhythms. It both explores and exploits past attempts at new wave experimentation. This is deliciously dark electro spiced with all the additives and e-numbers of the best dance music. With a hollowed out tinny beats, muddy bass and rolling gun shots of pure house magic, 'PANAMEÑA' undeniably romanticises an era of the past, while paving the way for a new age in synth music.

'PANAMEÑA' is the ultimate electro-romantic menu, from a delightful master chef of the old skool. Gorge on GLADKAZUKA's aural delights at your leisure.


By Gladkazuka

Head + Arm


GRANUFUNK is German born Jacob Grain who, after almost a decade of musical exploration, has mastered a finely tuned original sound and released his eponymous debut. Given his history in techno and gabba music, GRANUFUNK continually experiments, forever adopting new recording styles and production techniques. With contributing musician Sonni Plankton, responsible for the wistful English lyrics and guest vocals, GRANUFUNK has made an entrancing first album.

As an album 'GRANUFUNK' magnetically thrives on opposites; embracing both the urban and organic. The eerie minimalism underlying each song is masterfully juxtaposed against the agitated rhythms and glitchy beats inherent in each track. While the seamless continuity lies in its stargazing melancholia and curious wisdom, 'GRANUFUNK' surprises at every opportunity. By employing the yin and yang of discordant grinding beats, whispering lyrics, delicate programming, booming baselines, and spine-tingling melodies, he creates a fairytale: both innocent and sinister.

Through this mixture of harsh scarred brokenbeat and earthy jazz 'GRANUFUNK' is an album of rich, poignant material, with a potent, lingering after effect. 'GRANUFUNK' isn’t an album, it’s an experience. 


By Granufunk

Sonic360 Compilations


INDEX a.k.a Leo Portela was a master of music from an early age. During the Nineties' indie-sonic rock revolution, Leo became a master of processing live drum patterns, adding sequences and FX, while playing live acoustic drums with triggered samples. He began a project performing synth-ambient & jazzy textures, with added drum and bass and downtempo cuts which took his live sessions onto the dancefloors.


By Index

Head + Arm


Equipped with a learned mind in classical music and a soul in touch with the likes of Brian Eno, South Korean KAYIP has created an impenetrable bubble of sound in his eponymous debut E.P. Boasting dreamy soundscapes, soft heartbeat drums and muffled conversational lyrics, this is KAYIP's musical journey across the vast plains of life.  Charting his expedition 'KAYIP' trudges through muddy beats, scales glitch-etched mountains and floats through misty marshes of foggy synth. 'KAYIP' is a tour of the ambient and chilled in a fusion of the realist and idealist. A labyrinth of the semi-conscious, this is the soundtrack for the most fantastical dreams and haunting nightmares.  Sleepily each number guides listeners along the winding course of this five track E.P. 'KAYIP' is the epitome of IDM, soaring and meditative within a youthful maze of reflective contemplation.

"I remember last year I was 21 and I didn't seem to care. Now I'm 22 and I don't know what the f*** I'm supposed to do. Next year, I'll be 23, what if the person I become is not the one I wish to be?" '21' on 'Kayip' Guest vocals by Johan Erisson


By Kayip