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The Good Lie


Emmanuel Jal stars alongside Reeth Witherspoon in 'The Good Lie' in theaters now

'The Key' by Emmanuel Jal available now!


Latest album by Emmanuel Jal including collaborations with Nile Rogers and Nelly Furtado released today.


Sudanse musician Emmanuel Jal is set to star in a Hollywood movie named The Good Lie. Alongside Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon, Jal and Arnold Oceng, Ger Duanywill play ‘Lost Boys’ In America.Inspired by true events, and titled according to the press release, the story is about a young refugee of the Sudanese Civil War who wins a lottery for relocation to the United States with three other lost boys. Encountering the modern world for the first time, they develop an unlikely friendship with a brash American woman assigned to help them, but the young men struggle to adjust to this new life and feelings of guilt about the brother left behind. Witherspoon will play the brash American woman.

Emmanuel Jal awarded 2011 Common Ground Award


Emmanuel Jal has been awarded the 2011 Common Ground Award for his dedication to ending the use of child soldiers and helping former child soldiers successfully reintegrate into society. Past recipients include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former President Jimmy Carter, Mohammed Ali and many other worthy individuals and organisations. 

The Common Ground Awards will be held on the evening of October 27th at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC.

Emmanuel Jal releases 'We Want Peace' Video!


A music video has been released for Emmanuel Jal's 'We Want Peace' campaign song featuring Alicia Keys, George Clooney, Kofi Annan, former Us President Jimmy Carter among other well known figures.  Watch at the following link:

'we want peace' video

Emmanuel Jal stars in new movie Africa United


In his acting debut, 'Warchild' artist Emmanuel Jal stars in the new movie 'Africa United' out in Cinemas on 22nd October 2010.

AFRICA UNITED tells the extraordinary story of three Rwandan children and their bid to achieve their ultimate dream - to take part in the opening ceremony of the 2010 Football World Cup in Johannesburg.

Africa United

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By Emmanuel Jal


Emma - Single By Emmanuel Jal

"Emma McCune was my angel. She saved my life, and gave me the opportunity to be the person I am today." - Emmanuel Jal

Taken from the highly anticipated and world wide acclaimed Warchild album; Emma is a dedication to the British Aid worker Emma McCune that rescued Emmanuel Jal from a continued existence as a child soldier. Emma adopted Emmanuel and smuggled him to Kenya to begin a new life, where he could grow up safer and get an education. Sadly, a few months later Emma died in a car crash.

Haunting, beautiful and heartfelt; this song is for her, for without Emma, Emmanuel Jal would not be here to spread his word today.

"If Emma never rescued me I’d be a corpse from the African plain. What would I be if Emma never rescued me?" - Emma, Emmanuel Jal

Emmanuel Jal performed at Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday concert in June where he played an Emma live with the Soweto Gospel Choir to an ecstatic audience at Hyde Park.

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By Emmanuel Jal


Warchild By Emmanuel Jal

"Warchild" tells the extarordinary story of Emmanuel Jal, former Sudanese child soldier now turned hip hop star who is set to make his mark on the world with his powerful words spreading the message of what he has been through, and what many are still living with now.
The inspirations for the 13 songs on "Warchild" are rooted in Jal's impossible past. In "Forced to Sin," Jal recounts, "I lived with an AK-47/By my side/Slept with one eye open wide/Run/Duck/Play dead." His love and loyalty for his homeland of Sudan shines in "Stronger" - "I pledge allegiance/To My Motherland/That I'll do everything possible/To make a stand/Yes I can." Jal pleads with rapper 50 Cent on "50 Cent" to be a better role model for his young fans: "You have done enough damage selling crack cocaine/now you got a kill a black man video game/We have lost a whole generation through this lifestyle/now you want to put it in the game for a little child to play..." From the CD's title track, "I'm a war child/I believe I've survived for a reason/to tell my story/to touch lives." And, "Emma," the album's closer, is a heartbreaking tribute to Emma McCune, the "angel" who rescued Emmanuel.
Hear Emmanuel Jal's story, and be truly touched by this wonderful tale of hope.

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By Emmanuel Jal


Warchild (Digital Single) By Emmanuel Jal

The stunning single from Emmanuel Jal "Warchild" is a fantastic introduction to the inspiring artists story. Urban meets World music as line by line you are taken in by his words; leaving you craving to hear more.

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