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Funky C - Music that Matters Podcast


Funky C - Amigo featured on the latest Music That Matters podcast, Vol. 72: "Sounds Damn Good"

Kevin Cole presents a collection of great new tunes that sound damn good.

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Chocolate EP out now!!!!


Funky C - Chocolate EP with exclusive remixes and instrumentals is out now!

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Funky C video getting play!


The Funky C video for 'Joya' is being aired on MTV in Latin America, all the way from Chile to Mexico! Vote for the video here:
You have to be registered on MTVLA to vote.  The track is also to be "Single of the Week" on iTunes 25/9!

Vote for "Joya" video on MTVLA!

Funky C's video on Mun2!


Be on look-out for Funky C’s new video for his single, Joya, on Mun2.  Apparently after seeing him at La Leche, the people at the station knew that he was an artist that they needed to showcase.  Amazing!

Sonic360 new release "Joya" from FUNKY C!


Chilean funkmaster 'FUNKY C' releases his debut album "Joya" -out now in the US/Canada - "Joya", Currently being played on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic show, is a monstrous latin-funk-hiphop fusion!  You've been warned..

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Ex-Los Tetas member Funky C signs to Sonic360 sub-label Sombrero


Voted No.2 album by journalists and the public in Chile in the best albums of 2006 list and described as "monstrous funk" by Rickey Vincent (History of Funk), Chilean artist Funky's C's debut album "Joya" is gonna make a serious splash when it is released on May 15th 2007 on Sonic360's Sombrero sub-label.

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By Funky C


Chocolate EP By Funky C

Chocolate is the new single from Funky C’s debut album ‘Joya’. The ex-Los Tetas member excels on this classy latin-pop funk anthem -
Superbly catchy and with incredible guitar licks, this track just begs you to move. Don’t fight the feeling! Get up and dance!
Includes remixes of the 1st single ‘Joya’ from DJ Afro (Los Amigos Invisibles) and fellow Chilean producer DJ Bitman.
Sonic360 artist BN Loco strips ‘Chocolate’ down for the dancefloor and to complete the EP, Funky C’s expert musicianship is exposed on the Instrumental version. Fresh new computerized Latin Funk from Latin America’s leading Funkmeister!

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By Funky C


Joya By Funky C

Born at the twilight of the 70s during the Pinochet dictatorship, Funky C began his musical career at 14, when he shared the stage with his father Hugo Moraga, one of the most prolific singer/songwriters in Chile. At 16 he established the band Los Tetas, changing the way funk was portrayed in Latin America . It was a breath of fresh air for Chileans by offering an alternative to the aggressive punk scene of the time which exploded as a direct response to Pinochet’s oppressive regime. It established him as one of the most respected Latin funk performers of his generation, with radio hits from Chile to Mexico.

Led by Sonic360 (The label that brought you Kinky) , 2007 is slated to become the year where Funky C brings his funk to the US with “Joya,” an album that fuses old school funk with today’s technology and sounds. The album features a handful of elite guest musicians from Dante Spinetta and Hugo Moraga to Juan Sativo (Tiro de Gracia) and Julio Briceño from Venezuela’s Los Amigos Invisibles. A timeless jewel, filled with Latin funk/dance, soul and hip-hop.

  • 1. Ya Llego!!! feat. Boomer, Julio B
  • 2. Standalone Mode
  • 3. Joya
  • 4. Accion
  • 5. Actitud feat. Sonido Acido
  • 6. Chocolate
  • 7. Sueltate Sobre Mi feat. Rulo
  • 8. Carretera feat. Anzuelo
  • 9. Saludos A Espana feat. ReyUL
  • 10. Amigo feat. Dante Spinetta
  • 11. City Funktasma feat. Hugo Moraga
  • 12. Viviendo El Dia feat. Juan Sativo
  • 13. C-Funk 93
  • 14. Accion Skit feat. Ariel Pino
  • 15. Estas Aqui feat. Michele Espinoza
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