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Gladkazuka's "Panameña EP" now available to buy as CD-R promo!!


'Feeling It' presents gladKazuka launch party


So here it comes. The next 360 bomb. This time its gladKazuka. Elektro beat patterns, guitar riffs and synths. Everything you need to create the perfect retro cocktail. Sonic360 djs IPZ and ?marc creating glitches on the turntables. Don't miss this one out you sonically hungry monsters!

Fabulous new Sonic360 release!:Gladkazuka's Panameña EP!!


Innovative retro electro straight from Colombia in a tasty 4 track EP, Panameña is available to download on iTunes and Napster on 25th April! check out audio clips on this page!

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new Sonic360 signing Gladkazuka releases Panameña EP


on 25th April, Gladkazuka's electro-romantic debut "Panameña EP" will be available on iTunes and Napster.  Listen here first!

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By Gladkazuka


Panameña By Gladkazuka

PANAMEÑA is the debut solo effort from Colombian musician GLADKAZUKA. With blunt guitars, thumping drum machines and choppy synth textures, this is retro electronica at its best. Keeping a slick eighties edge, GLADKAZUKA takes the smuttiest edge of dirty disco and mixes with the simplest of infectious rhythms. This is delicious new wave electro-pop fused with all the additives and e-numbers of the best dance music. With hollowed out tinny beats, muddy bass and rolling gun shots of pure house magic, PANAMEÑA undeniably romanticises an era of the past, while paving the way for a new age in synth music.

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By Various

Sonic360 Compilation By Various

A pick of the best songs from Sonic360's latest releases. All for £7.99 and only available at

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