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'Feeling It' is shooting out some Grain Funk, 06/04/05


okay everyone. this is gonna be dope!
granufunks release party is coming up and you better be prepared for that one, cause the beat patterns will be flying through the air and will finally dissolve with your inner rhythm...
sonic360 djs IPZ & question.marc will shoot the bullets out. and we're still trying to get Mr GRAIN over for that night, so fingers crossed.
see you all down market place

Granufunk release debut


Granufunk releases eponymous debut on 21st March. Listen to it here very soon!

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By Granufunk


Granufunk By Granufunk

'GRANUFUNK'is an album of magnetic originality; a true case of opposites attracting. The minimalist, oft haunting calmness underlying each song is masterfully juxtaposed against the agitated rhythms and glitchy beats inherent in each track. While the seamless continuity lies in its stargazing melancholia and curious wisdom, 'GRANUFUNK' surprises at every opportunity, utilising discordant grinding beats, whispering bi-lingual lyrics (by guest vocalist Sonni Plankton), delicate programming, booming basslines, and spine-tingling melodies. Throughout, GRANUFUNK creates a unique ambience through a mixture of harsh scarred urban brokenbeat and earthy jazz. 'GRANUFUNK' is an album of rich, poignant material, with a potent lingering after effect.

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Sonic360 Compilation By Various

A pick of the best songs from Sonic360's latest releases. All for 7.99 and only available at

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