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Inchborough EP out now!


UK's Littl Shyning Man is back!  The stand-out song from his Mockery album has been remixed by rapper producer duo FBC Fabric & Reindeer, and also includes interpretations by Littl Shyning Man of two Sonic360 artists.  His 'Mockery' CD album is also now available in stores including HMV and Zavvi as well as online at Amazon and

Inchborough on iTunes

Littl Shyning Man song as part of Sweatshirt/Bag package on Boomkat!


Littl Shyning Man has recently put his talents towards a new song 'Organ Voluntary' which is available on cd as part of the highly collectable 'Bonesy' designed sweatshirt pack available at Boommkat (link below).  Great sweater, fetching bag, and sublime sonics from Littl Shyning Man! How can ya go wrong?

check it out here!

New album "Mockery" from Littl Shyning Man now available!


CD release out now on Sonic360.  Click below!
"Eerily beautiful..alarmingly perfect" LosingToday
"Awe inspiring 6/7" One Week To Live
"..a singular and atmospheric album of undeniable skill." New-Noise
"Folktronica doesn't get much better than this" Barcodezine

buy here for only $14!

New Littl Shyning Man "Mockery" out 14th November!


Available to buy as a cd album or as a download on iTunes / Napster.  Check back for more info soon!


Littl Shyning Man on Resonance 104.4FM


For those of you that missed it, we've recorded the live set from Littl Shyning Man who played on ResonanceFM on  Friday 5th May. Download file and drone out to this quality set from LSM!

download here

Littl Shyning Man in Isan's end of year chart on Boomkat!


Isan Chart 2005
compiled by: Isan
from: Morr Music
It should hopefully only be a short wait for Isan's next album. The first 10 entries in this chart come from Robin, the following 10 from Toe..

1 - ARCADE FIRE / Funeral / Rough Trade / CD / £9
2 - SUFJAN STEVENS / Illinois / Rough Trade / CD / £12
3 - TUNNG VS DOLLBOY / Split / Static Caravan / 7" / £4
4 - KATE BUSH / King Of The Mountain / Emi / CD / £3
5 - TARWATER / The Needle Was Travelling / Morr Music / CD / £12
6 - littl shyning man / hart of the wud /
7 - bright eyes / i'm wide awake, it's morning /
8 - laura viers / year of meteors /
9 - COLLEEN / Everyone Alive Wants Answers / Leaf / CD / £12
10 - J-rom / watersong /
11 - AUTECHRE / Untilted / Warp / CD / £11
12 - the evens / the evens /
13 - TARWATER / The Needle Was Travelling / Morr Music / CD / £12
14 - GAVOUNA / Stings & Dum Machines / Arable / CD / £5
15 - JOHN YOKO (aka LALI PUNA'S VALERIE AND MARKUS) / Papa Was A Rodeo / The Morning Paper / Morr Music / A Number Of Small Things / 7" / £4
16 - DABRYE / One / Three / Ghostly International / CD / £9
17 - BOY IN STATIC / Newborn / Alien Transistor / CD / £12
18 - THEODORE / A Summer Has Never Been, A Winter She Fears / Lo Recordings / CD / £12
19 - LOW / The Great Destroyer / Rough Trade / CD / £10
20 - KRAFTWERK / Minimum - Maximum / Kling Klang / 2CD / £15


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By Littl Shyning Man


Inchborough EP By Littl Shyning Man

Awe inspiring, beautiful, original, haunting, spellbinding... just some of the words often used to describe the music of Chris Haworth, the man behind 'Littl Shyning Man'. 'Inchborough' was one of the highlights of his astonishing debut album 'Mockery' - which will also be re-released into all good record stores on 6th October.

The Inchborough EP also includes the monstrous reworking of the title song by producer-rapper duo 'FBC Fabric & Reindeer' and 2 re-interpretations by Littl Shyning Man himself of 2 Sonic360 artist tracks which undeniably display his amazing ability to push the boundaries and work anything into his world of musical invention.

Head + Arm top >


By Littl Shyning Man


Mockery By Littl Shyning Man

Mockery is the debut album from Littl Shyning Man, a project from London based musician Christopher Haworth. Taking the name Littl Shyning Man from the book “Riddley Walker” by Russell Hoban, a story set in post-doomsday England, Haworth has created in Mockery, the perfect soundtrack to this apocalyptic tale. Haunting, at times unsettling, suffused with melancholy and wonder, Mockery is a stunning and beautifully composed masterpiece. Your unready ears will be blessed with anything from woodsy folk to abrasive noise, melodic electronica to number crunching digital scree, glacial drone to synthesiser wig-outs, 8-part vocal harmony to searing guitar feedack, slap bass to spoken word, bird song to robot song, none of this to all of this, all at once and none of the time. It's like "sleepwalking through the woods.. with a better drummer" according to flux magazine and they can't be wrong so check out new album Mockery available now on Head+Arm/Sonic360.

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By Littl Shyning Man


Hart Of The Wud By Littl Shyning Man

Through endlessly imaginative musical experimentation, LITTL SHYNING MAN has created an intricately crafted masterpiece of modern music in his debut mini-album HART OF THE WUD. LITTL SHYNING MAN is UK based Chris Haworth, whose exciting debut explores a menagerie of styles and recording techniques. HART OF THE WUD seamlessly explores arenas of free jazz, folk, electronic, rock and classical music to create sharp melodies and hypnotic beats: all cloaked with his inimitable sense of aching vulnerability. Its success comes in both the apparent complexity and simplicity of each track, all displaying an immaculate knowledge of cross-genre rhythmic and melodic exploration. The result is truly beautiful.

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