Pea Green Boat "Two Way Traffic" Album (CD)
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What Tom Middleton says of "Two Way Traffic":
"Atmospheric, melodic electro-tech-breaks charged with emotion, passion and honesty. For night owls and funky pussycats."

Pea Green Boat (PGB) was formed in 1999 in Leeds, UK by Mits Kayaba and Rory Natkiel. They are part of the much acclaimed Most Wanted Crew that has sprung out of the local club scene in Leeds over the past couple of years and is currently taking the city by storm.

"Two Way Traffic puts PGB on the front rank of those making club music that works just as well at home" - Muzik
"spatial aerotechnics of Autechre meet the matt-black breakbeat of TCR and everyone is loving it" - Dj Mag
"Their first single has already had Mary Anne Hobbs, Annie Nightingale and Tongy dribbling for more." - Mixmag
"groovy, polyrhythmic headmusic with a mesmorising melodic quality" - Seven

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