*SOLD OUT* Pea Green Boat 'Seesaw' (12" Vinyl)
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Pea Green Boat's stunning 'Seesaw' single is already a firm favourite with Mary-Ann Hobbs' Breezeblock show on Radio 1, & Pete Tong The bonus track ‘Cake’ is already a firm favourite with Tom Middleton and FC Kahuna who have been hammering it since it first showed up on the Sonic360 Freeway showcase album a few months back – ‘Cake’ is another example of PGB’s diverse influences, fusing deep house with electronica, synths and beautiful melodies.

Some DJ Reactions to this vinyl:

Darren Watts (Indie Futura/Various – Nationwide)

“An interesting combination to use. Excellent production and arrangement make this tune a bit of a club goer!”

Neil McMillan (Various – Glasgow)
“Very nice sound, great to hear a breaks track slowing things down, very moody sexy Sheffield sound. Good use of vocal. I like it!”

Ann D (Headcharge – Various)
“Classic tune, top mixes!”

Dani Wood (NY Sushi – Sheffield)
“Classy Production and an encompassing complex sound panorama, make this enjoyable.”

Shredded Pete (Fuel/Tokyo Joes – London)
“About time somebody sampled that song! P.G.B do a very good job with their eerie strings and chunky B-line.”

Funk Boutique (Various – Brighton)
“Seesaw is a gorgeous track with a nice pace of rhythm, great structure with some nice synths.”

Crawford Tait (Cinema – London/Glasgow)
“I can see how it makes a lot of people happy with the funkier take on that electro, 80’s, pop thing.”

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