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Born at the twilight of the 70s during the Pinochet dictatorship, Funky C began his musical career at 14, when he shared the stage with his father Hugo Moraga, one of the most prolific singer/songwriters in Chile. At 16 he established the band Los Tetas, changing the way funk was portrayed in Latin America . It was a breath of fresh air for Chileans by offering an alternative to the aggressive punk scene of the time which exploded as a direct response to Pinochet’s oppressive regime. It established him as one of the most respected Latin funk performers of his generation, with radio hits from Chile to Mexico. Led by Sonic360 (The label that brought you Kinky) , 2007 is slated to become the year where Funky C brings his funk to the US with “Joya,” an album that fuses old school funk with today’s technology and sounds. The album features a handful of elite guest musicians from Dante Spinetta and Hugo Moraga to Juan Sativo (Tiro de Gracia) and Julio Briceño from Venezuela’s Los Amigos Invisibles. A timeless jewel, filled with Latin funk/dance, soul and hip-hop.

"..a glorious mix of anything from rap to jazz.. If Earth Wind & Fire were to debut in 2007, they would probably sound a lot like Funky C" – Rock & Rap Confidential
"..brings latin funk to delight America’s public.. ..a very fresh sound.." – Fabrika
"Monstrous Funk" - Rickey Vincent, History of Funk

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