Los Mono 'Somos Los Que Estamos' (CD)
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New album from Chile super-funksters 'LOS MONO'. "Somos Los Que Estamos" (US CD release) is available now here at the Sonic360 store!
Los Mono's new album is pure funk-fuelled positivity which will get you dancing through the summer.
Not only is Somos Los Que Estamos a full on high-energy blast from start to finish, the album is an adventure with a moral message; promoting creativity, originality, positivism, and self-responsibility. In fact, the conscious lyrics and upbeat vibe are the perfect compliment to an album that is driven from start to finish with a myriad of crunchy lo-fi beats n bleeps, infectious melodies and pure monkey-fuelled inspiration.

"Very funky and fun material" - Bruce Tantum, Time-Out, NYC, USA
"The album is all over the place in the best possible way..." - two.one.five magazine
"Easily of the most contemporary and vibrant Latin sounds around. Fully wired and completely plugged into all that is young, vital and so casually hip." Mitchell Oldham, Afrique, Rolling Out
"This was a welcome mix of eclectic sounds. Los Mono took us in a time machine all over the world" - Dumas Kisseih, Adidas, NYC, USA
"Great beats, loads of energy and a fresh sound" - Andy Wilson, Ibiza Global Radio
"Great Uptempo new school funk. Never heard anything like this before. Excellent!" - Eli Goldstein, Soul Clap, Boston, USA
"Very nice, and much needed Latin-tinged twist to the new groove. The music production is full." Jumaane Mills (Stack Cache Media / Three Muse Gallery / Jaekim HOUSTON)
"Great funky tracks, good in-your-face production" Michael Donaldson (Q-Burns Abstract Message ORLANDO)

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