Kinky 'Rarities' (CD) + 'Atlas' (CD) *special offer*
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Now you can get 2 Kinky albums "ATLAS" and "RARITIES" for an amazing $11.98!

Snap them up now!


Included, are tracks such as “Coqueta” which made a guest appearance on the album “Diez” by Intocable and the much-loved “Selva Lombardi” originally written for their second album “Atlas”. The record also includes KINKY’s barnstorming cover of Tito Puente’s famous “Oye Come Va” (extended mix), which was featured on the Blockbuster movie “Man on Fire”. We’ve also added some rare remixes that may or may not have appeared on very limited edition vinyl releases, such as remixes by Money Mark, Lazy Boy, Capri and fellow Mexican artists Toy Selectah and Bostich. To conclude, the band have added three bonus live recordings of their big hits: “Mas”, “The Headphonist”, and “Sol” – now you can have KINKY LIVE in your own bedroom! Now that’s KINKY!!

"..they have skillfully mastered their style.." - "..they have got everything a fan could ask for in an album.." - "'s electro-pop, it's dance funk, it's hybrid rock, whatever... it's great." - CMJ Essentials "Rarities showcases a band that is creatively on fire.." - Songlines

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Kinky's 2nd album 'Atlas':

Word "The stuff that imaginative, exciting and interesting bands are always made of... One of the most entertaining records of the year" Spin "Sure to rule clubs and fashion runways from Milan to Monterrey" Blender "The most original spin on indie-pop in years" Village Voice "The mightiest alterlatino album in many years." "Tito Puente meets Daft Punk!"

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