*SOLD OUT* Beautiful Sunset Airport - Terminal 2 (12" Vinyl)
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Berlin-based Ras aka Robert Galic opens Terminal 2 with
‘Soul Buzz’ – a sun-drenched track laced with his trademark afro-funk groove that eventually brought Ras to collaborate with the mighty collective known as Jazzanova and recently released his album ‘Rhythmic Altered State’ on Sonar Kollectiv.

Hold tight for this one: a remix of Fussible’s up-and-coming track on Head+Arm records: ‘No-One Over 21’ by revolutionary Drum n Bass Japanese producer DJ Matsuoka (Mo Wax, Styling). Matsuoka weaves the elements of Fussible’s nortec sound under the influence of the marvels of nature, producing a blistering jazzed up drum n bass abstract masterpiece.

Sportscut aka Producer Tetsuto Yoshida from Orange Records in Osaka, Japan, rounds off Terminal 2 with an upbeat, quirky track curiously called ‘Junkpilichy On’. Scatting vocals skip and jump endlessly over big-beat-influenced housey beats and shimmering electronic piano. A vibed-up, crowd-pleasing gem.

Laurent Garnier (Radio Nova - France / Various – Worldwide)
“Absolutely stunning work on the AA side by Matsuoka, I love it!”

Nik Weston (Various – London /UK)
“Timeless, playing ‘Junkpilichy On’ loveliness and jazzy.”

Mr Scruff (Various – Europe)
”Good for dancing and sitting down.”

Lol Hammond (Mass/Dogstar – London)
”It’s the A Side cut that does it for me. This will go straight into my chilled set. Nice vibe.”

Tutto Matto (Various – London)
”A1 is excellent for my sets – playing it everywhere.”

Nathan Hearn/Philosophie Collective (Various – UK)
“Can’t wait for the next one as the first two have been scorching!
Beautiful – yes, Sunset – definitely, Airport – half seven tomorrow morning.”

LTJ Bukem
“I like the ‘Terminal 2’ – favourite on there is the ‘Sportscut’ jazz fusion thang.”

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