*SOLD OUT* Beautiful Sunset Airport - Terminal 3 (12" Vinyl)
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To kickstart the release, Argentina's Index aka Leo Portela wrote this stunning hot tango-influenced deep house killah: Ojeras Violetas ("violet eyes-lids"), after Sonic360's Chris Allison asked him to inject some elements of tango into his musical style (seriously funky deep house). With a background in classical music, his influences stem from Fila Brazilia, Omni Trio, Orbital, to early Chicago techno, drum n bass and French house.

Next: a classic deep house remix by Gigolo-signed 'vocoder kid' Capri, of Grammy nominees Kinky's single 'Soun Tha Mi Primer Amor' (London/WEA Records/Sonic360). Relying heavily on the sexy Mexican-Spanish murmurings of Kinky lead singer Gil Cerezo, Capri succeeds in whipping up a totally classy Electro-House gem. Pass the tequila!

To finish off Terminal 3, we salute ambient-breaks masters Pea Green Boat (Rory Natkiel and Mits Kayaba) from Leeds. Citric propels you into a sublime ethereal state of consciousness with its warm, rolling bass melody and their unique, lush sound.

Rob Da Bank (Radio 1/Sunday Best - London) "Love the Index cut - perfect kinda house and fresh."

Craig/Silicone Soul (X Club/Various Glasgow)
"Liking this label more & more. Playing the Index track full support."

Craig Richards (Fabric London) "The Capri mix is odd but has really grown on me!"

Cass / Cass&Slide (Various)
"Pea Green Boat is lovely genius work."

Fink (Ninja Tune - Various) "Indeed the strongest terminal yet - the Index track is great and will certainly get dropped in Paris."

Ben Watt (Lazydog London)
"Index 'Ojera Violetas' superbly produced deep groove, Parisian leftbank flavas make this a leftfield peaktime curveball!"

Jamie Jimpster (Various London)
"Without doubt the best yet! The Index track is a peak time scorcher, tried and tested ay Bug Bar and 93 Ft East brilliant response. Can't wait for the next one."

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